Trekking at high altitude requires a lot more preparation than a regular trekking adventure in lowlands. Walking through snow and ice can be very challenging and having to do so at an altitude where breathing can also be a challenging task makes it all the more difficult. Here are a few must have equipments and gears for those of you venturing out on high altitude treks and ice climbing:

Warm clothing: The temperature at high altitude is mostly way below freezing point. Therefore, this requires mountaineers to be very well protected while trekking and ice climbing. Carrying along warm fleece jackets, woolen gloves, waterproof mitten gloves, thermal shirt, thermal leggings, thermal socks, face mask to keep away from the snow dust blowing at your face, at least one additional pair of socks, gloves and thermals to change into, in case the ones you are wearing get wet.

Snow goggles & Sun block: The completely snow capped mountains and acres and acres of whiteness powerfully reflect off the sun’s rays making it very difficult for you to see while trekking on high altitudes. Carry along snow goggles to shade your eyes from this glare. Also, since you are that much closer to the sun, the rays can be very strong and penetrating. To protect your skin, wear sun block and carry a bottle of it along with you.

Mountaineer’s climbing harness: At times you would be faced with steep climbs to cross over these you would need to be equipped with mountaineer’s climbing harnesses. Strong nylon ropes with a slight stretching tendency, locking carabineers to aid climbing, ice screw to help in getting a grip on the snow capped mountain side are some essential climbing devices you should be carrying along.

Descending devices: Just as you would be faced with steep climbs, at the other end, there would be some steep descends as well. In order to be able to descend safely, you would need proper descending devices. Carry along descending harnesses and abseiling descending devices.

Protective gears: Protecting yourself from injuries in case of a fall or a slip owing to the slippery surface on which you would be trekking, wearing helmet is a must. And also, walking over ice for days together may cause frost bites, even though protected with thermal socks, woolen wear and waterproof shoes. Carry along rubber boots and change into them when you have to wade through semi liquid ice covered surfaces to protect your feet from the extreme chillness.

Energy Food: Carry along ample high energy food and water with you. At high altitude, shops and snack bars are not easily found, hence carry along your stock of food and water to last your for a couple of days.

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