Trekking is considered one of the best ways to exploits the scenic beauty of any place. And, if trekking is a sport you like, then Karnataka can be easily considered as one of the best destinations for trekking around Bangalore. There are more than 200 trails available in Karnataka, but the below mentioned are some of the most popular ones among trekkers.

Kumara Prvata
This peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in the whole of Western Ghats. This trek is one of the beautiful and one of the difficult treks in Karnataka.
Distance from Bangalore: 300+ Kms


Kudremukha trek is one of the most beautiful peak in Western Ghats and in Karnataka as well. It has a very rich biodiversity and home to certain species of wildlife which is nowhere else found on this planet.
Distance from Bangalore: 300+ Kms


This peak is the highest one in the Coorg adventure, situated near Virajpet. This peak is just adjacent to the Makutta forest.
Distance from Bangalore: 250+ Kms

This is the highest peak in Shimoga District. The peak presents a not to be missed life-time opportunity in the evening as the sun sets in the west.

Narasimha Parvatha
Narasimha Parvatha trek is part of the famous “Agumbe – Sringeri” trekking trail. The view from the peak is panoramic. One can witness the varied soft hues of the stunning sky at sunset.
Distance from Bangalore: 350+ Kms

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Rappelling is an adventure sportthat gives just such the kind of rush to adventure seekers. Bangalore is a hangout for several rappelling fans. Bangalore has several rocky hills and weekend getaways Bangalore where this adventure sport can be enjoyed amidst it breathtaking greenery that serves as an awesome backdrop.


Coorg is a one of the beautiful place for team outings inBangalore and Coorg adventure also makes an ideal location for outdoor sports activities.


Dandeli is a serene and peaceful place with large population of wildlife India. Its steep valleys and the many meandering rivers make Dandeli a rappelling delight.


Makalidurga is an outdoor adventuerer's paradise. Its rugged terrain, scented with its very many date palms and lemon grass plants, makes it a lovely rappelling destination.

Ramnagar prove to be easy for beginners and amateur rock climbers and rappelling enthusiasts. This sport has become one of the most favorite adventure sport for adventure enthusiasts as well as a common team game during corporate team outings.
If you are looking for a de-stressor for your team of employees, beaches around Bangalore could act as the perfect day retreat, helping them unwind and relax from their daily routines.

Karwar Beach
Malpe Beach
Gokarna Beach
Murudeshwar Beach
Bhatkal Beach
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Bheemeshwari is a best place for team outing in Bangalore, where the pleasant green mountains & clouds in the sky & the rivers are located. It is ideal not only for the Indian Wildlife lovers but also for people on a holiday spree. It is the best place to trekking in Bangalore.

Adventure Activities at Bheemeshwari

Team Games at Bheemeshwari

Inca Walk [Burma Loops]
Commando Drop [Zip-Line]
Mad Monkey Crawl [Parallel Walk]
Ice Walk
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Bangalore indeed offers a whole gamut of nice resorts around Bangalore as well as natural settings that are most ideal for weekend corporate team outing and activities for corporate events. Let us now make a trip to the major places that qualify as the best Bangalore weekend getaways hot spot:


Coorg adventure is pleasant on the eye as well as a source of excitement for the busy soul.

Dandeli is one hotspot which offers more than a variety of locales for group outings and picnics.

It is indeed a very beautiful place, placed daintily on the foothills of Nilgiris.


Shimoga is one of the most scenic places of Karnataka, blessed with the grandest natural attractions.

Wayanad is known as the green paradise of India.

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Bangalore has some exquisite places that are best explored trekking. Experience the trekking adventure in Bangalore with Thrillophilia. Here I would like to show some best trekking trails around Bangalore.

Anthargange Trek:

The experience of thrills and excitement at Anthargange, which is sixty kilometers from Bangalore.

Savanadurga Trek:
Savana Durga that rises to a height of 4050ft above the sea, which is fifty kilometers from Bangalore.

Revana Siddeshwara Betta Trek:
This spot is an excellent place for those who would like to trek and rappel, which is fifty kilometers from Bangalore.

Kaivara Adventure Trek:
This is more enthralling trekking place around Bangalore, such as these only makes you more excited.

Chikkalballapur is seventy five kilometers away from the city, and at the same spot you come across Skandagiri.

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Trekking at high altitude requires a lot more preparation than a regular trekking adventure in lowlands. Walking through snow and ice can be very challenging and having to do so at an altitude where breathing can also be a challenging task makes it all the more difficult. Here are a few must have equipments and gears for those of you venturing out on high altitude treks and ice climbing:

Warm clothing: The temperature at high altitude is mostly way below freezing point. Therefore, this requires mountaineers to be very well protected while trekking and ice climbing. Carrying along warm fleece jackets, woolen gloves, waterproof mitten gloves, thermal shirt, thermal leggings, thermal socks, face mask to keep away from the snow dust blowing at your face, at least one additional pair of socks, gloves and thermals to change into, in case the ones you are wearing get wet.

Snow goggles & Sun block: The completely snow capped mountains and acres and acres of whiteness powerfully reflect off the sun’s rays making it very difficult for you to see while trekking on high altitudes. Carry along snow goggles to shade your eyes from this glare. Also, since you are that much closer to the sun, the rays can be very strong and penetrating. To protect your skin, wear sun block and carry a bottle of it along with you.

Mountaineer’s climbing harness: At times you would be faced with steep climbs to cross over these you would need to be equipped with mountaineer’s climbing harnesses. Strong nylon ropes with a slight stretching tendency, locking carabineers to aid climbing, ice screw to help in getting a grip on the snow capped mountain side are some essential climbing devices you should be carrying along.

Descending devices: Just as you would be faced with steep climbs, at the other end, there would be some steep descends as well. In order to be able to descend safely, you would need proper descending devices. Carry along descending harnesses and abseiling descending devices.

Protective gears: Protecting yourself from injuries in case of a fall or a slip owing to the slippery surface on which you would be trekking, wearing helmet is a must. And also, walking over ice for days together may cause frost bites, even though protected with thermal socks, woolen wear and waterproof shoes. Carry along rubber boots and change into them when you have to wade through semi liquid ice covered surfaces to protect your feet from the extreme chillness.

Energy Food: Carry along ample high energy food and water with you. At high altitude, shops and snack bars are not easily found, hence carry along your stock of food and water to last your for a couple of days.

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To break the monotony of everyday humdrum, everyone needs a holiday once in a while. This helps in refreshing the mind and recharging the body to face the world with renewed enthusiasm. Corporate leads, have taken up to organizing team outings for their employees to give them this much needed break. These team outings, better called Team Outbounds, are not just a fun day out with buddies, but these leisure trips perfectly blended with team building programs to help develop the employees into better team players by enhancing their team spirit. Let us see why such team management offsite are a much needed break for employees.

Helps create a clutter free mind: Team outing means a day out of office, and a day when you can leave behind all those deadline tensions, review assignments, testing and coding tasks and the whole lot of office related mind bogglers out of your mind for a while. This time away from office, helps employees clear a whole lot of clutter from their minds and re-focus on the important aspects once they are back at work.

Aids in breaking the ice: New employees who join an already established team, face the anxiety of being able to fit into an existing established team, keep up to pace with their seniors and have a constant pressure to prove their capabilities, and fast! The informal feel of team outbound programs, help break the ice between fresh hires and their seniors by putting them together in a friendly environment, outside the formal norms of the office environment.

Bridges the gap between senior and juniors: Adventure outing activities are all about having fun as a tram. And during these activities, juniors and their bosses are thrown together as team mates and are seen assisting each other towards a team goal, in the most informal atmosphere. This casual interaction between them aid in nurturing a friendship between them not just on the game floor but would be carried back to office easing out their work relationships as well.

Enables better understanding: Employees get to learn a lot about each other through these outings which would not have come across to them at the work place. Every participant gets to display their latent talents, leadership skills and hidden qualities to their colleagues while attempting team challenges and games at the adventure team building activities.

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_ The green paradise of Kerala, Wayanad is situated in an elevated picturesque plateau in the Western Ghats. Pristine, enchanting and hypnotizing, this hill station with its vast stretches of misty mountains, green meadows, water springs, wild jungles and sparkling lakes, is overflowing with natural beauty, history and culture.

Wayanad’s ensemble of topography gives tourists opportunities to indulge in various forms of adventure team outing activities. Forest treks, boating, overnight camping, bird watching and wilderness study are some amazing options available to visitors. The resorts at Wayanad are as interesting as its landscape.

Experience the jungle-feel: To keep up with the aesthetic appeal of the Wayand’s natural prettiness, there are some resorts which offer to their guests, the opportunity to climb atop trees and live in tree top houses to enjoy the thrill of jungle life. There are simple bamboo cottages, with a warm cozy feel to them, or little more elaborate tribal huts constructed with utmost care and artistic touch to give them an authentic feel, making your holiday at Wayanad, truly unique and memorable. This exquisite experience comes at a cost of around Rs.5000 per tree house for a room for two.

Unpretentious Home-stays: For those who like to keep things simple, comfortable home stays are for you. These are modest homes that are available to guests, entirely or on share basis depending on their need, and yet are equipped with the basic comfort one would look for in a resort accommodation. These home-stays come at a fair price of around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 for single or deluxe rooms. Usually home-stays don’t come with much facilities, but there are a few with do provide swimming pool, a conference hall and a recreation room for their guests.

Ideal time to visit: Wayanad has a healthy climate all through the year. Monsoon months of June to September are warm with heavy winds and rainfall. Wayanad looks beautiful with average rainy days. December to February is perfectly chilled and tourists love these months in Wayanad. The ideal months for sightseeing when nature is at its best and can be beautifully captured in photographs, is during the months between October and May.

Be an early bird: These exquisite tribal huts and tree homes get booked like hot cakes during the peak season as everyone going to Wayanad looks forward to experience this unique adventure stay. Hence, it is best if you be an early bird in making your reservations well in advance to ensure you have a tree house or tribal hut booked under your name, before anyone else takes it away!

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